Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Pakistan 2022

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Real Estate corporations in West Pakistan 2022; whether or not getting, mercantilism or rental, the property may be a would like and a moneymaking money chance for everybody.

Various estate agencies give solutions to potential shoppers and investors in Pakistan’s land business. once it involves these problems; one should be considering that real-estate firm to use. it’s a typical question among new patrons and sellers. varied estate agencies operate in Pakistan’s land business to allow solutions to potential patrons.

The following are the top 10 Real Estate Firms in Pakistan

  1. Zameen
  2. Graana
  3. Agency21
  4. Star Marketing
  5. Zem Builders
  6. Square Nine
  7. Illan
  8. SKY ONE Real Estate & Builders.
  9. Chohan Estate

01. Zameen

01. Zameen

Real Estate companies in West Pakistan 2022. whether or not or not obtaining, mercantilism or rental; the property is also a would love and a cashmaking money probability for everyone.

Various estate agencies offer solutions to potential shoppers and investors in Pakistan’s land business. once it involves these issues; one ought to be considering that real-estate firm to use. it is a typical question among new patrons and sellers. varied estate agencies operate in Pakistan’s land business to permit solutions to potential patrons.

Graana is Pakistan’s on-line realty Marketplace, progressing to amendment the country’s realty surroundings. They aimed to change Pakistan’s real estate industry. They believe the importance of quality over amount. They’ve created a clear and valuable portal to assist individuals obtain, rent, sell, or invest in realty. is that the one-stop-shop for all of your realty necessities.

Graana is one among the foremost capable realty portals in Pakistan. They created finding a home simple, reliable, and stress-free. it’s a division of the Imarat cluster of corporations. They’re addressing their comes as a result of they’re additionally developers. Amazon Mall, Imarat Builders Mall, Mall of Arabian Peninsula, Florence genus Galleria, Amazon building, and Golf Floras square measure a number of their comes. they’re each within the realty business.


Agency twenty one was supported in 2016 to alter the perception of realty in Asian nation. Since then, Agency twenty one has developed at a motivating pace. establishing itself because the market leader within the Twin Cities.

Agency21 has earned its clients’ trust and peace of mind by following company culture and developing work ethics. Agency twenty one directly became the primary national realty complete in consecutive years by increasing its networks altogether major cities. Agency twenty one distinguished itself from the competition by personifying service, knowledge, provision, and perfection in achieving its objectives.

 Star Marketing

As one of Pakistan’s leading Real-Estate promoting businesses, STAR promoting provides real-estate developers and builders with innovative promoting ideas and promotional techniques. STAR Marketing’s team has had tremendous success in promoting prestigious residential and business comes in urban center, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot, Nowshera, Hyderabad, Larkana, Mardan, Gwadar, Gujranwala, and alternative major Pakistani cities.

 ZEM Builders

Zem Builders represent Zeeshan Estate Management & Builders. it had been supported twelve years agone by Zeeshan A. Qureshi to determine a brand new level of outstanding luxury in Asian country. Envision excels at delivering the finest; they succeed their objectives by being realty specialists WHO properly manage their relationships with customers and investors.

 Square Nine

Al Miraj is to blame of sq. 9, a fashionable assets firm, Dot Design, a fashionable artistic media advertising business, Terraces, a property residential building, and Arch X, a fashionable interior style and design firm.

Square 9 International was supported with a customer-centric approach as a full-service assets company dedicated to providing best services and building long-run relationships with our shoppers. The Avenue Melrose Arch, and therefore the Terraces Residence area unit among the comes they’re currently performing on.

In a short amount, has become a apace developing on-line station for Pakistani property consumers trying to find homes and properties. is that the largest property web portal; the acquirer focuses on rising customers

visual property viewing experiences to assist them create better-informed judgments regarding property capital investment; has become a trusty name within the property business because of its consistent enlargement altogether areas.

 SKY ONE Real Estate & Builders

Sky One assets & Builders could be a Bahria city city approved dealer. SKYONE assets & Builders is well-known for its intensive trade data and unwavering commitment.

Their success is based nearly entirely on positive spoken referrals. For the past twelve years, they need been giving services within the assets trade and developing residential and industrial buildings in BAHRIA city.

Chohan Estate

Chohan Estate is another well-known realty company in Asian nation that serves the community. They serve shoppers from all round the world and square measure well-known for meeting their desires. They specialise in aiding shoppers to find appropriate properties in national capital. oyosell

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